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Denise Larson, Realtor, Broker:  Providing property management services for Dayton, Beavercreek, Centerville, Kettering, Huber Heights, Fairborn, Enon and Springboro, Ohio.


Property Management Services

If you have an investment property and need professional management, let my experience work for you!

Why should you choose RE/MAX?

RE/MAX is one of the best-known names in the real estate industry.  When people need houses many automatically think of us.

At RE/MAX we mean business.  We understand the need to keep your property leased out as much of the time as possible. Our market leadership and aggressive marketing assure a continuing supply of qualified occupants who want to live in YOUR property.  

Why should choose me?

I've been managing rental properties ever since I finished college (more than a little while ago).  Over the years I've selected and placed literally hundreds of tenants. 

I own rental houses myself.  It is not just my business, it's my passion!

What will I do for you?

Find the Best Tenants

I diligently strive to find the BEST occupants for your home. They take better care of your property, pay their rent on time, and stay longer.

Get Higher Rents

I know the local rental market and can help you get market prices, every year.

Improve your chances for price appreciation.

I'll help you make informed decisions about maintenance and repairs to protect and enhance your property's value.

Wealth Building

One of the best ways to accumulate REAL WEALTH is through real estate. Whether you are an experienced property investor or even if you've never owned investment property before, I can make it easy.


The RE/MAX presence is second to none in the Dayton/Wright Patterson area. In addition to traditional advertising, I will display your property world-wide at numerous places on the internet and at at eight of my own web sites.  These have proven to be very effective vehicles to reach qualified civilian and military families who are moving locally or are being transferred into the Dayton area.

Market Analysis

One of the most difficult decisions faced by independent real estate investors is setting rents.  I know the market and I will help you set your rents correctly.

Lease Negotiation

My lease has been years in the making, and it is designed to protect you to the maximum extent possible.  If necessary, I will negotiate a specific agreement customized to your particular requirements.

Tenant Relations

While you may not want to associate personally with your renters, they deserve our mutual respect.  When something needs attention they need someone to call. I handle the details for you in a caring and professional manner.

Maintenance and Repairs

I use only qualified personnel, specially-trained and experienced for the job at hand. As a major property manager in the area, I have access to the best service companies. Many will often revise their schedules to take care of our needs first.

I retain the funds you determine in a special trust account to cover emergencies. This allows us to take care of urgent situations without the need to locate you first. Major expenditures are never made without your approval.  I do not charge a markup for service work performed on your property. You will be given a copy of the workmen's actual invoices.

Cost Control

If you are located far away (or just want us to handle things) I will make a personal inspection prior to authorizing any major repairs. I understand that these expenses come out of your pocket, and I pledge to do everything in my power to get any needed work done for a fair price.

Rent Collection

I handle all the collections, and I don’t get paid unless you do.  Funds received are put into a special trust account for your protection.

Payments to You

Each month you will receive a check for your rental income. RE/MAX charges a small percentage, which I deduct from your rent along with any current maintenance costs. I provide a detailed monthly statement along with your check.

Financial Reporting

I will send you a year-end statement to help with tax reporting requirements.

Owner Communications

Some owners want to play an active role with their properties, "calling the shots", so to speak. Others do not, preferring instead to remain behind the scenes. I will conduct myself in accordance with your instructions.

My goal is to provide what you want, whether it be tenant selection, supervision of your property's maintenance, contracting and leasing, or the entire property management package. I are ready to develop a management agreement that fits you and your needs.  Why not give me a call today?


Some of my properties under management

Springboro, Ohio

Summit Ridge Condominiums, Beavercreek, Ohio

Montgomery County, Ohio

Forest Ridge, Mad River Township, Dayton, Ohio

Huber Heights, Ohio

Brookstone Condominiums, Beavercreek, Ohio

Belmont, Montgomery County, Ohio

Springfield, Ohio

Clark County, Ohio

Duplex, Fairborn, Ohio

Enon, Ohio

Greene Tree Place, Greene County,  Ohio

Close to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Close to Wright State University, Ohio

Holiday Valley, Enon, Ohio

Centerville, Ohio



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